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Architecture - Residential

BLUEPRINTS FOR LIVING: History and Legacy of the Case Study Houses
This book discusses the influence of the aircraft industry on 1940s residential architecture design.

Borrego Springs
Rohr modular homes in Borrego Springs, CA
borrego modern

As one of San Diego's premier modernist architects, Henry Hester's designs are described as "clean and straight". His two Borrego Springs projects evoke similar descriptions.


Then and Now: A Driving Tour of Fullerton Mid-Century Modern Buildings


Modern Phoenix

Law Enforcement

Orange County Sheriff's Museum & Education Center


The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

Street Views

from the foot of H Street, Chula Vista, CA
Aerial View of Rohr Corporation 1945

Transportation - Air

Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.
Aviation Museum of Santa Paula
Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing WWII Aviation Museum

Flashback Fridays - Found Treasures by Brian Lusk
This link features photos of old aviation postcards.

Palm Springs Air Museum

Planes of Fame Air Museum

San Diego Air and Space Museum

The Wright Stuff: The Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Airplane. 1996. An American Experience Video narrated by Garrison Keillor. 60 minutes.


Transportation - Public

Picture Los Angeles today, and most people summon up images of cars and freeways. But if you talk to people of a certain age who grew up in Los Angeles, and mention the words "red cars", you will hear about a time before the freeways, when a network of rail lines and electric streetcars connected L.A. If you worked at Rohr Riverside in the early days you might remember taking the red car to L.A.


Billboards to the Past by Randy and Sharon Littlefield (book)


This website features stories about Los Angeles' past.

Penny Postcards
A USGenWeb Archives Web Site
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