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Rohr Aircraft Memories

”a website for the Riverside Rohr/Goodrich Retirees
and Former Employees Club”

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Welcome to the "Rohr Aircraft Memories" website. This website project was started in the spring of 2006. The purpose of this website was to collect memories, stories, photographs and history from those that worked at Rohr Aircraft (Rohr Industries, Inc.) in Riverside, California, but it has quickly expanded to include all Rohr plants. Rohr, Inc. was acquired by The BF Goodrich Company in December of 1997 and is now known as Goodrich Corporation. This website project came about from an interest in reconnecting former Rohr employees with each other.

The resulting collection of interviews and information are reflections of those who lived and worked at Rohr since Rohr was founded.


Do you have a story to share? Is their someone special that you would like to see included on the website? We are looking for people who worked for Rohr or others who have Rohr stories to share. Tell us about what the life and times were like back then, what you remember from the past. Email Sue at


Do you have photographs of people or events from Rohr? We would love to include them in our website. Please email them to (
Please include your name, address and phone number in case we have any questions. And please provide any information that you have on the photograph, i.e.: names of people in the photo, approximate date photo was taken, where it was taken, what the people were doing, what was going on in the picture, and more


We would like news articles too. If you have newspaper articles about Rohr or a Rohr employee, please email it to us. Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot include the full article but we can quote from it and include your name as the submitter.


If you found our website then you also might be interested in the Retiree Club. For more information on the Retiree Club, their weekly breakfasts or other events, please email Jerry Van Hulle at

Be sure to visit the ROHR, INC group on facebook.


Please email Sue at if you have any questions or concerns. If any there is any information that is incorrect please let me know. Thanks for visiting!

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