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Rohr Aircraft Memories

”a website for the Riverside Rohr/Goodrich Retirees
and Former Employees Club”

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Imogene "Jean" Jeannie Nelson Poole

         Imogene Nelson was born on January 14, 1924 in Fort Smith, Arkansas. On April 6th, 1947, she and Bob Poole were married in Yuma, Arizona by the Justice of the Peace. They met at Rohr and dated for three months and then broke up. When he came home from the Army on furlough they started dating again. In 1958 their son David was born. Jean worked at Rohr in the Purchasing Department as an Office Clerk for 30 years. She was a member of the Arlington Church of Christ in Riverside and the Christian Motorcyclists Association in Riverside.

Jean and Bob Poole on a motorcycle

        Jean enjoyed traveling, camping and reading. She and Bob retired and moved to San Jacinto before she passed away April 16, 1999 in Riverside County, California from cancer. She was 75.

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Last updated August 14th 2007