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Rohr Memories Blog

Added: November 18, 2012
Updated: April 16, 2013

The photograph of this box was recently sent to me. It is so incredible that this box has survived since 1957.

Update: I emailed the Chula Vista Public Library about this box and was told that this box shipped CI30 or CI41 Lockheed aircraft.

added November 24, 2011

Just added this photo to the Rohr Riverside page (where it is clearer and easier to view). If you know when this photograph was taken and who the men are in the photograph please email Sue at

added March 6, 2011

Engine assembled at Rohr. This photograph was taken prior to 1970.


added February 26, 2011

Check out these photos of the Eagles Hall building in Chula Vista that Rohr purchased in 1952.

The original Greek neoclassical revival brick structure, Eagle's Hall, has undergone major architectural changes and expansions since first constructed in 1971.

added January 28, 2011

This photograph was taken at a Rohr Chula Vista farewell party for Vi and John in 1952.

JUANA ZAPATA (SANCHEZ) is in the third row, on the right, behind the lady with the plaid shirt, she is wearing glasses.

Can you identify any of the other people?

What did station 4 do?